Aries - The Ram


  • Adventurous and Courageous
  • Impulsive and Impatient

With your main controlling color being red, you enjoy winning challenges and overcoming adverse odds. However, because of this your main weaknesses are fear of failure and an inability to listen to other people's opinions - even when they are right.

2008 - Aries Astrology Forecast

For Aries natives, 2008 is the year of cooperation and partnerships, the year in which you have to show patience. Although you like being independent, you have to pay more attention to the relationships with the others now; although you are an action person, you have to wait patiently this time. Do you find it difficult? Maybe you should try this one as well, to prove that NOTHING gets in the way of an Aries.

Major (and favorable) changes are in store for you as regards your career, because Jupiter and Pluto meet in Aries' Tenth House of career. You can make great progress professionally on the condition that you don't get yourself involved in games behind the scene and fights for power.

Once Saturn leaves Aries' Fifth House of love, in September 2007, you'll get rid of the restrictions that have affected your sentimental life. But Saturn has moved to Aries' Sixth House of work and health and brings all kind of new professional responsibilities and health restrictions until the autumn of 2009.

Uranus, the planet symbolizing sudden and unexpected changes, continues its transit of Aries' Twelfth House. In the wake of some unexpected events, you might suddenly decide to put an end to a self-imposed isolation or to cut all ties to people or places that you can't stand.

Aries Man Love Profile
A "specialist" in love at first sight, the Aries man falls in love immediately and does not take no for an answer, nor he accepts tarrying. He fancies thousands of plans including the chosen of the moment and he does it with sincerity.

It’s an adventure to date an Aries man. The chosen one can have all the joy she wants and sometimes even more. Her satisfactions with an Aries man are numerous, although living by his side can sometimes look like a bowling game with grenades instead of balls. Caught in a bustle in which everything happens by one hundred km per hour, the Aries man’s partner can feel overwhelmed and she has to be very fit not to feel exhausted.

Unfortunately, the Aries man’s passion goes to waste very quickly, turning into ash after a very short period. Afterwards he falls in love again. The Aries man is not afraid to get married at a young age. He will do it, even... several times, if necessary.

Paradoxically enough, beyond his loud and commanding appearance, the Aries man has a sensitiveness that is hard to notice, as if he were looking in his partner for the image of his protective mother. Whoever succeeds in touching this weak point will win his heart.



Gender: Masculine
Positive/Negative: Positive
Month: March
Day of Week: Tuesday
Phrase: I Am
Keyword: Action, Self-Assertion
Tendency: Implusiveness
12 Phases: Starting
Critical Degrees: 1, 13, 26
House: First
Quadruplicities: Cardinal
Quadruplicities: Acute
Triplicities: Fire; Fire of Fire
Triplicities: Intellectual
Triplicities: Spring
Triplicities: Intellectual
Triplicities: Inspirational
Number: 9
Color: Flaming and Somewhat Discordant Hues (red)
King’s Color Scale: Scarlet
Perfume: Dragon’s Blood
Animals: Ram, Owl
Plants: Tiger Lily, Geranium
Gems: Diamond, Ruby
Metal: Steel, Iron
Mineral Salts: Potassium Phosphate
Music Key: D-Flat
Musical Tone: Do
Nature Spirits: Salamanders
Four Animal Types: Walking
Bestial/Bi-Corporal: Quadrupedian (Bestial)
Ruminant Signs: Ruminant Sign
Ascension: Short Ascension
Nocturnal/Diurnal: Diurnal
Ascending/Descending: Descending
Aestival/Hyemal: Aestival (summer)
Tropical Equinoctial: Equinoctial
Temperaments: Choleric
Body Part: Head, Face
Disease: Apoplexy
Apostle: Matthias
Evangelist: Mark
4 Consecrated Beings: Lion
Infernal River: Phlegethon
Hindu Deities: Shiva
40 Buddhist Meditations: Bloody Corpse
4 Divisions Pranava Vada: Self
Greek Deities: Athena
Egyptian Deities: Isis
Roman Deities: Mars, Minerva
Ruling Planet: Mars
Detriment: Venus
Exalted: Sun
Fall: Saturn
Lineal figure: Puer
Path on the Tree of Life: 15, joins 2-6
Path Title: Constituing Intelligence
Qliphotic Name: Da’Airiron (The Flock)
Sephirotic Number: 120
Hebrew Letter: He (window)
12 Tribes of Israel : Dan
12 Prophets: Malachi
Jewish Calendar: Ayar
Order of Blessed Spirits: Seraphim
Angel: Malchidial
Elemental Ruler: Seraph
Four Angels: Michael
Hierarchy: Xeophim
Alice Bailey: Father of Spiritual Triad
Realm: The World
12 Degrees of the Damned: False Gods
Magical Power: Consecrating things
Magical Weapons: Horns, Energy, The Burin
Legendary Order of Beings; Mania, Erinyes
Vegetable Drugs: Allthe Cerebral Excitants
Tarot Trump: IV, the Emperor
Tarot Design; A flame-clad god, bearing equivalent symbols
Tarot Trump TItle: Sun of the Morning, Chief Among the Mighty:
Fortunate/Unfortunate: Fortunate
Commanding/Obeying: Northern or Commanding
Affinities: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius
Barren/Fruitful: Barren (by some authorities)
Bitter/Sweet: Bitter
Whole/Broken: N/A
Hot/Cold: Hot
Conceptive: N/A
Crooked: N/A
Dry/Moist: Dry
Hoarse/Mute: Vocal
Violent Signs; Violent
Vital Signs: Vital
Voice Signs: N/A
Whole Signs: N/A
Boreal Signs: Boreal
Changeable (East Side of Chart): N/A
Changeable (West Side of Chart): N/A
Brutish: N/A
Beholding Signs: Aries and Virgo
Imperfect Signs: N/A
Initiating Signs: Initiating Sign