Gemini - The Twins

  • Friendly, Smart, and Energetic
  • Superficial, Unpredictable

Your preferred controlling color is green. You chat and gossip and new events and happenings constantly. Manage your projects carefully, taking on too many at once will leave you sluggish and alone.

2008 - Gemini Astrology Forecast

For Gemini natives, 2008 is a year of hard work for the future. You are the same master of communication, but you can also rely on Saturn's support, which is in Virgo, i.e. in Gemini's Fourth House. Saturn will help you to speak straight from the shoulders about what you want and to find the best way of making yourself understood.

Until the end of 2008, Jupiter will be in Capricorn, i.e. in Gemini's Eighth House. Therefore, it's a good period to get a loan, and your life partner might get a raise.

Even if Saturn is creating an unfavorable aspect for the Gemini natives, you'll see that the order and restrictions brought by Saturn in your life will prove to be very useful. You sometimes might perceive your family and the others around you as a burden. To make your life easier, you should carry through all your obligations and responsibilities, without dwelling on it.

Uranus is still in Pisces, meaning in Gemini's Tenth House, announcing sudden and unexpected changes in your career – just as it has been doing for the past years. But for Gemini, changes are not exactly a bad thing, are they?

Neptune continues its transit through Aquarius, i.e. through Gemini's Ninth House. It's not impossible that you experience a disappointment.

At the end of January 2008, Pluto joins Jupiter in Capricorn. But it will be here only until the middle of June when it goes back to Sagittarius for a while, and at the end of November 2008 it enters Gemini's Eighth House again. While it is in Capricorn, Pluto is planning changes regarding financial resources shared with partners (life or business partners). Even if you can rely on Jupiter's support in this area, you'll still have to change your ideas and attitude towards these common resources.

Gemini Man Love Profile
The Gemini man is a gregarious human being, a good company, who loves parties and people in general. His mind is never tired, he has a quick understanding, he likes communicating and he has a good sense of humour and brilliant replies. He can’t stand routine, he loves freedom and exercise.

The Gemini man doesn’t seem to get old either mentally or physically as if he were Faust and signed a pact for eternal youth. Moreover, he often behaves as if he lived a continuous adolescence. When he likes a girl, he pays court to her almost in a rudimentary way, with no guitar and serenades: "Do you want to? Ok!" or "You don’t want to?! It’s your loss". It couldn’t be simpler and more boy-like than that. The essential for the Gemini man is to keep away from passion and emotional involvement.

The Gemini man is somewhat terrified at emotional necessities. He is the cerebral kind and sexuality does not play an important role in his life, although he has what psychologists call "apperception", that means he knows how to determine reactions, making his partner going into ecstasies.

The Gemini man is exasperating, yet charming. He is neither jealous nor possessive and he finds it monstrous to want to keep a woman just for you. He does not refrain from any affair, but when he goes "hunting", he is not driven by sexual instincts, but by his eternal desire for something new.

One day though, the Gemini man decides to settle down and he chooses a practical woman, with a sense of humour, who understands and shares his intellectual preoccupations.

Gemini Woman Love Profile
The Gemini woman is always in a hurry. She has a lot to read and to write, a lot of things to discover and to share with others. It’s like you don’t stand a chance to get into her good graces or into her attention span if you weren’t on her priority list.

You can meet the Gemini woman at a conference, at a symposium, in a school’s halls, just a few minutes before an exam, in a bookshop or simply talking on the phone. Especially when she notices she is being followed, analysed or admired, she knows how to play the cute little girl or the helpless very well (Mercury, the ruler of Gemini sign, can put on any mask). So, beware of these "mental gestures" which reveal a very agile mind.

Even if she has a date, the Gemini woman can easily decide to keep her partner waiting on the ground that they broadcast some events from the other end of the world on TV. Because she doesn’t like apologising, the Gemini woman will enthusiastically tell her date about this event. She will probably exaggerate, adding facts from her own imagination so that the man who was on the verge of cancelling the date (firmly convinced he has no luck with women) to think that her reason for being late makes their destiny change the course of history.

Behaving like an adolescent, the Gemini woman can turn this flaw of her mental stray into a charming ease. Her lack of a prominent femininity can be overlooked thanks to her lack of interest in fashion, cosmetics and others of this kind.

Gemini woman is typically known as a chatterbox. Nevertheless, she can easily play the shy woman to make sure she will manage to seduce. She is not crazy about going out at restaurants but she will do her best to take you somewhere in order to test your manners.