Zodiac for FEBRUARY 2010



Top Goal: Social and fraternal activities; income from business; new and old friends; fondest hopes and goals. Best Attitude: Overhauling career finances; meeting new people; displaying altruism; being friendly and sociable. Stay Away From: Offending well-wishers; neglecting dear ones; spending excessively on business concerns; engaging in too much social life.


Top Goal: Parental ties and duties; activities involving superiors; business or profession; popularity, credit and authority. Best Attitude: Being responsible and diplomatic; pursuing high objectives; meriting a rise in position; curbing pride and egotism. Stay Away From: Pursuing wrong career aims; shunning your responsibilities; relying too much on others; inviting trouble with officials.


Top Goal: Higher studies and faith; distant relations and travel; future plans and goals; dealings with in-laws. Best Attitude: Discarding wrong opinions; being a good listener; planning ahead; seeking approval of your program. Stay Away From: Holding unreasonable attitudes; disputing about politics or religion; neglecting vital correspondence; failing to get needed data.


Top Goal: Accounts and secret dealings; mutual profits and gifts; marital funds and expenses; tax and estate problems. Best Attitude: Exercising care in borrowing and lending; conserving vitality and funds; being extra discreet; reorganizing present resources. Stay Away From: Failing to pay or collect debts; being stubborn and unfriendly; making profit-sharing mistakes; disclosing secrets and assets.


Top Goal: Interest in a change of locale; public relations and competition; marriage and other alliances; open rivalry and legal contests. Best Attitude: Compromising major differences; trying to be objective; accenting teamwork and understanding; allowing others to set the pace. Stay Away From: Disappointing your mate or partner; expecting attention others get; being inconsiderate of people; failing to cooperate as needed.


Top Goal: Efforts to help others with problems; relations with superiors and co-workers; health and diet considerations; matters concerning dependents and pets. Best Attitude: Accepting a subordinate role temporarily; being willing to help and serve; stepping up efficiency; improving eating and working habits. Stay Away From: Permitting yourself to feel neglected; allowing others' problems to overburden you; handling chores disinterestedly; bickering with kin or others.


Top Goal: Loved ones and children; entertainments and romance; creative talents; freedom and pleasure. Best Attitude: Looking ahead for a suitable avocation; expressing yourself along dramatic lines; cultivating ties with young people; striving for greater personal liberty. Stay Away From: Losing affection of those you cherish; harboring wrong ideas; becoming involved in others' troubles; failing to proect your rights.


Top Goal: Foundations laid for new projects; local and domestic affairs; the end of pending matters; relation with parents or family . Best Attitude: Focusing attention on community and family; renovating your base of operations; sidetracking personal interests willingly; displaying a cheerful, warm attitude . Stay Away From: Forcing issues to a conclusion; seeking showdowns and stirring up trouble; making changes that unsettle your affairs; letting others infringe upon your rights.


Top Goal: Interest of neighbors and kin; trips to nearby places; relationships in general; letter-writing and study . Best Attitude: Being careful to delay vital decisions; displaying your mental capacity; having no part in gossip or bickering; developing social ties with relatives. Stay Away From: Speaking sharply to those around you; failing to enlist cooperation of others; letting communications deteriorate; displaying a negative attitude.


Top Goal: Trends which affect your pocketbook; budgetary matters and personal belongings; ability to handle funds; people through whom you can gain. Best Attitude: Giving money matters extra time; being ready to grasp financial opportunities; welcoming changes that bring results; finding ways to improve property and belongings. Stay Away From: Neglecting to build up reserve funds; looking for quick results; being careless with valuable papers; expecting too much from others.


Top Goal: Changes in your outlook and environment; a strong desire for action; advancement of your own interests; your image in the eyes of others. Best Attitude: Approaching others in a positive manner; being a leader and initiator; expanding your sphere of interests; letting your personality shine. Stay Away From: Displaying stubbornness or eccentricity; going to extremes emotionally; failing to win the cooperation of others; disregarding the welfare of others.


Top Goal: Confidential and private matters; welfare interests and charities; self-analysis and limitations; behind-the-scenes activities. Best Attitude: Seeking light on obstacles to progress; displaying a sympathetic nature; working to turn enemies into friends; boosting poise and self-confidence. Stay Away From: Making the world's problems your own; failing to seek needed aid; dreaming up troubles or difficulties; arousing animosity or slander .

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