Scorpio - The Scorpion


  • Powerful, Charismatic
  • Secretive, Resentful

Your controlling color is maroon. Your methods are secretive, your reasons are your own. Most of the time, this works along side your mysterious manor. However, your untrusting nature often does not allow you to see the good in people. Don't drive potential friends away because of a previous relationship.

2008 - Scorpio Astrology Forecast

2008 Horoscopes:
For Scorpio natives, 2008 is under the heading "any ending is a new beginning".

The benevolent Jupiter is now in Capricorn, i.e. in Scorpio's Third House. You could be moving to a better neighbourhood or make up with a close relative. You might even find out that you'll have another sibling.

In 2007 Saturn entered Virgo, i.e. Scorpio's Ninth House of friendship. Some friendships could end in 2008. On the other hand, those who share the same preoccupations and interests as you do help you to organize yourself better to succeed in what you have planned.

Uranus continues its transit in Pisces, i.e. in Scorpio's Fifth House of creativity and love. It seems you will have an eventful year sentimentally. You might also meet non-conformist or extremely creative people. It's possible that some Scorpio women get pregnant and the baby could later prove to be amazingly intelligent or gifted.

Neptune is still in Aquarius, i.e. in Scorpio's Fourth House of home and family. It seems that you idealize your home and family, or your family inspires you, or the common element in your family is precisely idealism.

At the end of January 2008, Pluto joins Jupiter in Scorpio's Third House. Pluto means radical, long-term changes, and the affected area is that of the neighbourhood where you live. Between June and November 2008, Pluto comes back to Sagittarius, i.e. to Scorpio's Second House, finalizing the changes begun in 1995, which regard money and personal resources.

Scorpio Man
You can easily recognize the Scorpio man by his piercing, mysterious and fascinating look, the kind of look that could hypnotize even a snake. When the Scorpio man is not in control of the situation and things are beyond his grasp, he takes on the enigmatic style.

The Scorpio man has a penetrating intelligence that goes beyond appearances and an exceptional intuition, which helps him guess the interlocutor’s secret intentions. The Scorpio man is extremely tenacious and when he sets his mind to something, he uses any means he can to achieve his goal. On a close look, one can notice that the Scorpio man’s efforts to succeed do not relate to money or power but to a sort of competition with himself, to his desire to outrun himself.

The Scorpio man usually bears a wound of some kind in his soul, an emotional or a sexual problem, a conflict or frustration that is difficult to solve. He is endowed with a profound sensitiveness and a "feeling" which is out of the ordinary.

The Scorpio man is easily affected both by emotions within himself and by emotions coming from the exterior. He can be easily hurt and he is suspicious about the others’ feelings. He is often lonely and motivated by a strong need to have a sentimental life. However, the Scorpio man looks for a complete, indestructible union. It is for this reason that he is very careful about the person he allows to see his inner nature.

Driven by his strong sexuality and his exceptional lust, the Scorpio man will most probably have many love affairs. God help the woman who does not live up to his strict standards, who cannot gain his esteem, because the Scorpio man will be tempted to torture her mentally, to torment her with his attacks of hatred and passion, with his jealousy and subtle "the victim and the executioner" kind of games.

The Scorpio man looks for the initiative woman who can make him reach heaven like in the purest form of the Tantric rituals. Only the woman of the same nature or the woman who will have understood his inner mechanism perfectly will be strong enough to stand by his side.

Scorpio Woman
The Scorpio woman, more or less beautiful, has a great sex appeal that sometimes she cultivates to vulgarity and sometimes she is not even aware of. She emancipates very quickly even if her behaviour sometimes shows traces of an involuntary primitiveness.

Being in search for refinement is Scorpio woman’s personal charm as she is the bearer of one of the most important energies of human beings: the sexual energy. It is the energy she will have to cope with all her life. She will have to accept this energy, to know it, control it and share it with the others. This is not an easy task in the confused world we live in and this is why being less charming or not at all charming is the sign of a very mature mission of life.

Don’t avoid the Scorpio woman and don’t underestimate her! She is strong, straightforward, with no obsolete ideas, but often with no courage. However, if she follows her heart, the Scorpio woman will be an overwhelming feminine presence ever since adolescence, extremely sensual and natively provocative, well put together, exciting, with or without strange clothes, but definitely with a strange vocabulary!

The Scorpio woman knows what decisions to make and how to act, in other words she can manage by herself. Her touch thrills and the moves of her body stimulates. She has electric fingers and naughty breasts, a tempting abdomen and thighs that are delicately and erotically flavoured. The attitudes of disorder and abandon, as well as the waiting of the sexual union fit her perfectly because, we must say, they are part of her native gifts.

The Scorpio woman is made to be loved, looked for and respected for the pleasures she can offer. If she also educated, what else can a man ask for?