Libra - The Scales

  • Fair, Easygoing, Likeable
  • Indecisive, Easily Influenced

Your controlling color is blue. Equality, justice, kindness, these tenets define you. Always the peacemaker, you always settle the angered tempers of your friends. Be forewarned, your intolerance of cruelty and wrong-doing can get you into some sticky situations. Make sure you can win before you fight a particular injustice.

2008 - Libra Astrology Forecast

For Libra natives, 2008 brings along great progress in private life and important clearing up in the other areas.

Jupiter is in Capricorn, i.e. in Libra's Fourth House of home and family, promising important progress in these regards: you either move to a larger house (or extend the current one), or your family becomes bigger (a baby is born or a person is accommodated with you), or you invest in a house. Anyway, it will bring great satisfaction.

Saturn is in Virgo, i.e. in Libra's Twelfth House. One way or another, in 2008 old problems will come out, problems that you considered solved and which you finally manage to clear up now.

Uranus continues its transit through Pisces, i.e. in Libra's Sixth House of jobs. In conclusion, surprising changes could turn up at work. If you get into conflicts with your superior or colleagues, appeal to the diplomacy that characterizes you!

Neptune, the planet of inspiration and illusions, is still in Aquarius, i.e. in Libra's Fifth House of creativity and love. You still have the tendency to idealize your life partner, or your relationship is based on idealism.

As early as January, Pluto will join Jupiter in Libra's Fourth House, causing profound and lasting changes in your home and family life. Therefore, Jupiter's benefic influence is amplified by Pluto and it will last.

Libra Man Love Profile
The Libra man has a keen sense of aesthetics, of harmony and equilibrium. He is a smart man, who dresses with good taste and smells good. Beauty is very important to him, both of ideas and aspect. The Libra man is very refined, a very interesting combination of wit and sensitiveness. One half is sensual and sentimental, and the other is rational.

The Libra man is a sociable, kind and courteous man, with a deep sense of justice and fair play. He likes being surrounded by beautiful things, living in comfort and he even has an inclination towards luxury.

Above all, however, the Libra man is a romantic. They say the troubadour in love with his Lady will not die as long as there are Libra men in the world. Mr. Libra’s romanticism requires champagne, waltz and moonlight. He loves beautiful and feminine women, who are a little mysterious and inaccessible...

The Libra man is without peer in paying court to a woman, setting real masterpieces of the kind. He is usually generous, and if you don’t try to abuse this generosity (remember that he sets high value on fair play), he will be lavish, without regretting the money spent on his own or his lover’s luxury, beauty or entertainment.

The Libra man is a refined lover, an expert in prelude, resistant and considerate to his partner. Faithfulness is not his strong point because he is vulnerable to women, he falls in love very easily and he can’t say no. The problem is that the Libra man can’t decide to break up with somebody, accepting compromises, because his inner harmony resents crises and reproaches.

Libra Woman Love Profile
The Libra woman is endowed with charms from the moment she is born, which makes her be preoccupied with highlighting all her qualities rather than shaping one in particular. According to some old astrological beliefs, the Libra woman is the ideal lover, which could be true from many points of view. If we are talking about ancient beliefs, we can trust them; the medieval ones should be doubted though, because they refer to the perfect woman as a physical presence in society.

Indeed, the Libra woman knows like no other woman to be genuinely feminine, from her most rebel hair to the most (apparently) insignificant ply of her gown. With her, everything is well matched and added because it has to mark out the perfect combination of colours, shapes and gestures. Her way of dressing is always cheerful and deliberately chosen, like a balance between extravagance and common sense. Her jewels are always exquisite and her perfumes make you want to hug her, to possess her like an adornment meant to enchant the rest of your life.

The Libra woman is, indeed, made to receive appreciation, compliments, declarations, to capture looks, men, love and when she is more profane, even money. She loves getting involved into relationships - her life would not make sense without socializing - and sometimes even getting married. She gets married very easily, not necessarily to have a husband, but to have a "mate".

The Libra woman is not the traditional kind of woman. She is not interested in the idea of family and/or in reproduction. She takes great interest in complementarity, opposition, polarization, both affective and erotic. You will always recognize a Libra woman by the nice fragrance she leaves behind her and the pleasure with which she buys anything concerning her physical appearance and her personal beauty.