Virgo - The Virgin


  • Intelligent, Conservative
  • Quiet, Shy, harsh

Your controlling colors are green and dark brown. Your number one concern is your health. You tend to like things in order and clean. To improve yourself, (yes you can still improve) work tolerating others. Not everyone things exactly like you.

2008 - Virgo Astrology Forecast
For Virgo natives, 2008 promises to be a good year in which you won't get bored.

Jupiter is in Capricorn, i.e. in Virgo's Fifth House of creativity and love. Throughout 2008, Jupiter will help you develop your creativity and resourcefulness. And if Virgo's meticulosity is doubled by special creativity, the results can be spectacular.

Jupiter promises Virgo natives an excellent year sentimentally too. If you have already found your love, the relationship can evolve the way you want it to, up to marriage and starting a family. If you don't have a life partner yet, it would be surprising not to find him/her by the end of 2008. Especially since Pluto joins Jupiter in Virgo's Fifth House in January 2008. And Pluto brings profound, long-term changes.

Saturn is precisely in Virgo, where it will stay for two years and a half. Saturn is the planet imposing order and discipline and Virgo is the sign on which Saturn's constraints manifest the least because it has order and discipline in its blood. In conclusion, Saturn's transit through its own sign does not bother you, on the contrary, it helps you organize your life better and gradually achieve what you set your mind to.

Uranus continues its transit through Pisces, i.e. in Virgo's Seventh House, causing unexpected changes in the relationships with the others. Some relationships might end up suddenly or you might start new friendships and partnerships.

Neptune, the planet of inspiration and illusions, continues its transit through Aquarius, i.e. through Virgo's Sixth House. The affected area is work, where some confusions could appear.

Virgo Man Love Profile

Shy and modest, the Virgo man is rather analytical than sentimental, intellectual than romantic. Rational and puritan, he needs to know exactly where he stands and what he has to do. The Virgo man does not enjoy mysteries. On the other hand, love and sex are mysteries we know little about.

The Virgo man is critical and very demanding. His extraordinary ability to seize flaws makes him very selective. Consequently, the fear of getting involved in a situation he cannot control, the lack of a detailed and precise recipe for love handling, as well as his special exactingness make it rather difficult for the Virgo man to start a relationship.

Very organized and orderly, the Virgo man is afraid that his intimacy will be violated and his discretion and bashfulness make him terrify at the thought he might be expected to manifest his love through gestures he does not feel he can make. Besides that, he is the practical and economical kind and love could mean waste of time and energy. All these things make the Virgo sign provide the largest number of bachelors.

However, as often happens, the Virgo man looks in his partner for the things he himself refrains from. What is most terrifying to him becomes precisely the great fascination in love: the fervency, the spontaneous expression of intuition and imagination, the energy and love of life. When the Virgo man meets these qualities in the woman he is interested in, the refrained child he carries deep within himself sets free and runs towards freedom...

Virgo Woman Love Profile
About the Virgo woman
The Virgo woman is the chaste kind of woman. This is not due to her being born like this, but to her being educated in this spirit. This is exactly where her charm comes from. It results from this inner conflict between her fear of sin and the ease with which she commits it.

Don’t listen to Virgo woman’s endless critics and don’t pay attention to her various fears...! Her cleaning the whole house five minutes before her suitors knock at her door shouldn’t influence you. Her interior purity, which cannot find some other ways of expressing itself, accounts for all this.

If you stimulate the Virgo woman a little (not mentally, but erotically), you’ll discover a pure inner beauty, always ready to sacrifice herself in the name of conceptions and preconceived ideas. Devoting herself entirely to you, the Virgo woman will make you feel as if you were the absolute God of all human pleasures.

The Virgo woman cures all sufferings - just look at her harmonious legs, at her thighs that ask for slightly nasty touches, at that waist with a provocative girdle, at her beautifully shaped breasts, in a line which is neither childish nor mature, at her cameo-like neck, with her Renaissance curls that make you shiver at their slightest move. It is especially when she bends like a tired tiger cat that the Virgo woman reveals a sort of feminity, which is peerless even compared to the Aries woman. Let her go crazy a little because of your coming to a date with your tousled shirt - it’s her way of showing you how much she loves you and how much she wants you to be the perfect of your couple, not her.